Mollydooker Wines, McLaren Vale, South Australia

There is something wonderfully magical about Mollydooker Wines. The story behind the label reflects a beautiful love story between Sparky and Sarah Marquis and how the partnership between two “Mollydookers” (left-handers) through both good and bad times has now rewarded them with a range of amazing award-winning wines.

The beautiful vines

Originally starting out as the Marquis Philips label, in March 2006 they changed their name to Mollydooker and two weeks later were down to their last $17 in the bank.

“And then a miracle happened. A local businessman walked in the door, said he had heard that they may be in trouble, and asked to know the story. Half an hour later he walked out the door on his way to a month’s holiday. Sparky stood, tears pouring down his cheeks, holding a cheque for enough money to enable them to survive.”

Mollydooker Wines

The labels are full of quirk and whimsy

In any case, their story is one to read so click here for the full story.

During my visit, I picked up some of the Carnival of Love Shiraz, 2012 which was awarded #2 Wine in the World in 2015 and is deliciously plummy, cherry and just all ‘round jammy!

If you can justify $185 on a bottle of wine, the Velvet Glove is definitely one to take home with it’s fabulous cassis flavours that linger on the palate.

Everything about the wines represent the beauty of the human spirit, a sense of community and a marriage made in heaven: one for the hopeless romantics like myself!

Visit for more information about Mollydooker Wines, their events and how to purchase the wines.