South Coast Cheese, Tilba, New South Wales

South Coast Cheese is a family owned and run business located at the ABC Cheese Factory in Tilba, New South Wales (located 5 hours south of Sydney). Owners, Nic and Erica Dibden operate a dairy farm in the picturesque Tilba Tilba Valley where there herd of Jersey cows produce the milk to create a large variety of cheeses, all on their property.

Varieties include:

  • 3 year Vintage
  • Herb and Garlic
  • Kalamata Garlic
  • Chili and Paprika
  • Firecracker
  • Vintage pepper
  • Cream Blue
  • Club Blue
  • Vintage Garlic
  • Pickled Onion
  • Vintage Smoked
  • Camembert
  • Brie
  • Swiss
  • Blue

ABC Cheese Factory4

As South Coast Cheese say:

We have been involved in the farming/agricultural industry for the past twelve years and we are very excited about bringing back cheese making to the Tilba Tilba valley and providing the public with an insight into agriculture and what is involved with producing food.”

I visited during June, and picked up a Firecracker (a great one if you’re a chilli fan like me), a Trilogy (which was a mixture of the Firecracker, Kalamata and Garlic, and the Vintage), as well as a tub of honey yoghurt.

Other than the cheese tastings, you can also taste local honeys or buy some of the delicious ice creams and quality condiments and conserves available.

ABC Cheese Factory3
The tasting selection
ABC Cheese Factory6
My bounty!

Cheese, as you may know, is not always the most healthy thing if eaten in excess. It tends to be high in kilojoules, salt and saturated fat. Too much saturated fat can increase LDL cholesterol levels in your blood contributing to the build up of fatty material (known as plaque), on the inside of your blood vessels. This plaque is a major cause of heart disease. Despite this, cheese can still be enjoyed- I most definitely enjoy it! Choose to eat cheese in moderation: no more than 2-3 times a week*. A serve is cheese is 40g (roughly the size of a matchbox).

Visit: for more information on where to buy South Coast Cheese.

*Of course, if you do have a family history of heart disease, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, make sure that you chat with your General Practitioner or an Accredited Practising Dietitian to make sure you have an eating plan tailored to your specific needs. 

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