Rich Glen Estate, Victoria

Just 7km west of Yarrawonga, Victoria lies Rich Glen Estate, a family-owned and operated olive grove, pressing superb olive oil on site within hours of harvest.

Not only do Rich Glen sell award-winning oil, but they also have an extensive range of other olive oil products. Products include:

  • Signature First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Available in 500mL bottles, 2L casks, 4L tins, 10L casks and 18L tins
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oils: Specialty oils in 8 delicious flavours- including my personal favourites: ‘Buttered Truffle’ and  ‘Fiery Chilli & Sundried Tomato’.
  • Dressings: Available in 8 different varieties
  • Face  & Body Range: A range of moisturisers, serums, cleansers and scrubs for the body
  • Household Range: A range of cleaners for the kitchen, bathroom and around the house
  • Other: Olives, pastes, dukkahs, meat rubs and more.
Rich Glen 5
Olive grove
Rich Glen 6
Art in the gardens

Visiting then 100 year old farm gate store is a great way to sample the range of products but also to enjoy a coffee or a light lunch at the café and walk around the gorgeous garden.

Rich Glen 1
Olive products

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats which are an important part of a healthy diet. Unsaturated fats can reduce LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol and increase HDL ‘good’ cholesterol levels- which can in turn, reduce the risk of heart disease when they replace saturated fats. Because unsaturated fats are also high in kilojoules, it is important to not over-consume. Check out the Eat for Health website to find out what your requirements are (a serve of unsaturated fat is 10g (roughly 2 teaspoons of oil).

Visit  to buy products online or for more information about where to buy Rich Glen products.


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