Tree Top Walk, Lamington National Park, Queensland

Start: O’Reilly’s (Green Mountains Section of Lamington National Park)

Distance:  600m (return from O’Reilly’s Information Centre), Tree Top walk is 180m

Time: 20 minutes

Grade: Easy

Closest Town: Canungra

When I am in Queensland and have a bit of extra time to spare, I head to the Green Mountains section of Lamington National Park. While it takes a little while extra to drive up the winding path to O’Reilly’s, it is well worth the effort to see the gorgeous rainforest and views of valleys and gorges. Lamington National Park is by far one of my favourite places to walk in and just 90 minutes from the heart of the Gold Coast (Green Mountains section), the 100 year old national park covers over 20,000 hectares and contains a variety of forests, waterfalls and creeks to experience up-close.

The Tree Top Walk is over 25 years old and was the first of it’s kind in Australia. It is made up of nine suspension bridges about 15 metres above the ground. There are two observation desks that you can climb up by a ladder protected by a wire frame. The highest deck is 30 metres above the ground and allows for a great view of the forest canopy.

On the walkway

The track starts about 80m up from the O’Reilly’s Information Centre on a well-defined track that you will see on the left hand side. You will continue for a about 100m until you see a path on the right which directs you to the start of the Tree Top walk. Turn right and walk along the suspension bridges (you will be walking in an anti-clockwise direction). The end of the suspension bridges will lead you back to the main track. Turn left here to return to the car park and information centre.

Climbing to the observation deck
Donors of the tree top walk

To find out more visit:

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