Resolute Loop Trail, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, New South Wales

Start: Resolute Picnic Area, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park (enter from gate to West Head- click here for more information)

Distance: 4.4km loop

Time: 2-3 hours

Grade: Easy to moderate (there are some steep sections)

Special Notes:  This track goes by a few different names such as the Aboriginal Heritage Walk and the Resolute Track. At time of writing, the signs in the national park refer to Resolute Loop Trail)

This track is within Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park which has park entry fees. Check out the park info for the most up-to-date charges.

Start the walk at the Resolute Picnic Ground and follow the signs to the Resolute Loop Trail and Resolute Beach which you take you in a anti-clockwise route. (If you follow the Red Hands Track, you’ll get to the West Head Lookout firstand then follow the track in a clockwise direction)

Follow the trail to Resolute Beach

The first point of interest on the Resolute track is a small site on your left with very well preserved Aboriginal engravings. Have a look around and try to identify the engraved figures in the rocks around you. Back on the Resolute track, you’ll get to an intersection where you need to turn left to get to Resolute Beach.

Near the Aboriginal engravings, there is a great outlook to Barrenjoey Headland

You will then descend through bushland straight to the beach- there are a few steep stairs to head down. The 60m sandy beach beach is a nice place to have a snack or a swim and has great views of the Barrenjoey Headland.  From the beach, you continue north via West Head Beach and West Head lookout. To do this, instead of going back up the hill to follow the Resolute Track, turn right, cross a small creek, and then continue along the track to the next beach, which is West Head beach. You will then pass  some bunkers and continue on a gradual incline to West Head lookout.

Descending through the bushland
Resolute Beach: a nice quiet place for a dip
Crossing the small creek
Bunkers along the walk
There are glimpses of the water along the way

After taking in the impressive views at the lookout, follow the signs to the Resolute Picnic Area which will go via the Red Hands Track where you will be able to see some original Aboriginal rock art (there is a small trail to it on the left) after which you can then head back to the  picnic area.

TheNutritionNomad20Resolute Loop Trail 1
The view from West Head lookout
Follow the sign back to Resolute Picnic Area (via the Red Hands Track)
Red Hands Cave

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