Kiama Coastal Walk, New South Wales

Start: Gerringong or Minnamurra (or Minnamurra to Gerrigong)

Distance: 22km one way

Time: 7 hours (although very possible to do in as little as  5 hours)

Grade: Easy (there are a few moderate inclines and declines and some street and path walking)

Closest Town: The towns of Minnamurra, Kiama and Gerringong are all along the way

Kiama Coastal Walk 19
Werri Beach

This costal walk is absolutely gorgeous with fabulous views of the ocean, rivers and beaches. There are even some parts that make you think that you are walking through the hills Scotland. Another great thing is that it is easy to access by public transport. We chose to walk this from Gerrigong to Minnamurra but I would suggest doing the route from Minnamurra to Gerringong (north to south)- it makes for a more spectacular finish. This is a great walk for those who are not confident that they can walk 22km in one day as you are never too far away from civilisation and can cut the walk shorter in Kiama if you need to. 

The route is split into three sections (this description is from Gerrigong to Minnamurra)

Gerrigong Station to Kiama Heights (approx 10km)

The route starts at the Gerrigong Station where you head east towards the beach for approximately 1.5km. You then follow the beach north until you hit Werri Beach and Werri Lagoon. Depending on the tide, you may need to take off your shoes to navigate across some water.

From here,  you will continue for 6km along cliff tops where you can take in the fabulous views of the coastline before reaching Kiama Heights

Kiama Coastal Walk 1
Gerrigong Beach
Kiama Coastal Walk 5
Path along the coast

Kiama Heights to Blowhole Point (5km)

This shorter stretch follows the route of waterfront reserves and beaches before reaching the spectacular Blowhole Point near the Kiama Lighthouse. Halfway through this section you will pass Little Blowhole which I thought was a little more spectacular (and not as crowded).

Kiama Coastal Walk 7
Kiama Heights
Kiama Coastal Walk 9
Little Blowhole
Kiama Coastal Walk 11
Kiama Lighthouse

Blowhole Point to Minnamurra (8.4km)

Continuing along the shoreline, you will walk among some residential streets before coming to Cathedral Rock and passing though Jones Beach before navigating your way to Minnamurra Station.

Kiama Coastal Walk 15
Cathedral Rock
Kiama Coastal Walk 12
Jones Beach


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