Skinny dipping in the kitchen

Dips and breadAm I crazy, or is there a kitchen appliance for absolutely everything these days? There are breadmakers, rice cookers, slow cookers, poffertjes makers (in case you get that sudden urge to cook tiny pancakes) and the ‘I-Can-Cook-Almost-Anything’ maker (my name for the Thermomix). Sometimes I can almost convince myself that I need these things. I have no doubt they can be time-saving and convenient, but I remind myself what The Nutrition Nomad is here for: to show you how to eat simply with basic and cost-effective resources. That being said, there is one appliance that I could not go without and that is my blender/food processor- my tool for ‘skinny dipping’ in the kitchen…

When moving from Brisbane to Sydney, my previous blender was on it’s last legs so, I gave it to a friend to see it through it’s final days and embarked on a mission to find a new one.

My blender criteria was simple: good quality, not too expensive, not too large and easy to clean. I was quite pleased to find a two-in-one Cuisinart blender and food processor for the modest sum of $159 at Victoria’s Basement: (Yes- $159! AND it crushes ice!)

BlenderPesto 2Hummus3

Ok, so I am getting a bit excited over a kitchen appliance, but I do use this machine almost everyday for smoothies, dressings and sauces.

‘Skinny dipping’ is another thing I like to do with my food processor in the kitchen. Perhaps not as exciting as the real thing, ‘skinny dipping’ is what I call the art of making healthier, fresher and less expensive dips at home. It is so easy too. To check out my recipes for my ‘skinny dips’ click on the below recipes:

Baba Ghanouj

Basil Pesto


Pesto 1SmoothieDips and bread

While I certainly think my purchase of a blender/food processor has been a great investment (I’ve used it trouble-free for two years now), I am hugely impressed if you continue to process things with a little more elbow grease than me. Whatever your weapon of choice, I hope that you at least consider skinny dipping in your own kitchen.

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